Sunday, October 17, 2010

Red Room

If I were to say that these past few weeks, and especially this last week, have been stressful, heartbreaking and frustrating it would be an understatement. 

I have so many thoughts and feelings simmering and boiling up inside of me and although I need to express some of them, today is just not the day for me.

So instead I'm going to update on happier, simpler, unimportant things.

About two weekends ago I trekked myself over to Ikea to procure some frames for a pair of Emily Martin paintings to hang in our guest room. I stumbled upon some pretty (and cheap I might add) curtains that could easily be hemmed. I've never hemmed curtains before, but since I know how to sew it seemed it would be a generally simple task, even if time consuming, which it was. It ended up being two days work to hem 6 pairs of curtains, but it was so worth it because now our guest room is complete and super cute.

Here are the results:

paintings by Emily Martin of Inside A Black Apple

this lens shows off the true color of the curtains

 my favorite author and poet, Edgar Allan Poe
& my Alice In Wonderland plate
 all of my jewelry finally organized with a tiny photo of my papa
 showing off my love for Poe and my ever growing closet
 is it pitiful that I have a book shelf dedicated only to 
the magazines I've collected over the years?

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