Wednesday, November 3, 2010


About two or three years ago my mom and I had the pleasure of discovering the most incredible "spreadable fruit"* you will ever taste. 

We were taking a tour of Chelsea Market in New York City when our guide introduced us to the Sarabeth Bakery. We sampled her jams and quickly fell in love. Of all the different foods we sampled that day, Sarabeth's delicious little jams stood out the most.

The very next day we took Dave and Jeff (my mom's bf) back to Chelsea Market to sample, and purchase many jars of, Sarabeth's little treasures. My favorite flavors are Strawberry-Raspberry and Apricot-Peach.

Last week Jeff and my mom took a trip to Williams-Sonoma** and discovered that Sarabeth had recently published a cookbook*** and is currently on a book tour. Jeff knew I had to have this cookbook, and he knew I would love to meet Sarabeth myself.

And that's just what Jeff and I did today.

I brought my cookbook to Williams-Sonoma at the South Coast Plaza and watched as Sarabeth demonstrated how to make her currant scones. We sampled the results with a side of her Orange Marmalade. YUM!

I then waited in line after she answered a few questions (this woman is a well of useful information... I took notes) for the lovely and kind Sarabeth to sign my new cookbook. 

As soon as I approached the table she said to me, "I can tell that you are a baker." When I confirmed to her that I was she asked if I was a professional baker or if it was just a hobby. I admitted that it was a hobby, but I wouldn't mind in the least if it became a career. She then said to me, "I could tell because of your reactions during my demonstration." She signed the inside of my book and then proceeded to sign the very front of the book. Not the cover, the actual book, which had a cute little embossing of a whisk. She told me that I am only the 8th person she has signed the embossed whisk for because she only signs them for people who have a true love for baking! How special is that? She signed inside the whisk and then asked if I would like her to sign my rolling pin after we took a photo together! She was so kind and so sweet. Jeff and I told her that we would be visiting Chelsea Market very soon and she said we must come and visit her because she is there every day.

I am SO happy that Jeff and I were able to go today and meet this lovely woman. I am very excited to try out her recipes, especially her recipes for her delicious spreadable fruits.

* I believe Sarabeth calls her jams and marmalades "spreadable fruit" because all it really is is fruit and sugar. There is absolutely no artificial colors or flavors.

** You can purchase Sarabeth's spreadable fruit at Williams-Sonoma, as well as online, of course.

*** The recipe for the jams are in her new cookbook. Yay!!
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