Thursday, December 2, 2010

we've gotta get outta this town

David and I have been talking a lot about how much we dislike living in this town. It's not that we don't love our little condo and are extremely thankful that we were able to move into it instead of live with my mom for our first year of marriage, but we honestly live in a pretty crappy neighborhood and it's getting to us.

There are several times when we have looked out our front door window and have seen at least one or two shopping carts hanging out on the sidewalk, or a homeless man camping out across the street, or a crackhead talking to himself, or just trash laying around for long periods of time going by without anyone "noticing".

It used to make sense for us to live here when I still worked at Anthropologie and only had a 10 minute commute, but since I quit last summer, there really is absolutely no reason for us to be living here. It's at least a 20 minute drive from everything we love: our families, most of our friends, our church, decent grocery stores, our jobs, our doctors' offices, my favorite nail salon, and all of the places we love to go for dates and entertainment... among other things.

We have even had our eye on a starter home for a at least 3 or 4 months now that we could afford if we were willing to be tight on money for a few years, which at first we weren't willing to do, but in this economy with houses the prices they are right now it might be worth it. Sometimes David and I will drive around neighborhoods in Long Beach and dream. Every Sunday when we're driving home from church, before we even get on the 405 we say, "Ahhhh, we would be home by now if only we lived here."

We also don't want to start having children if we are still living in Carson. If we waited until we saved more money, would houses be the price they are now? Would we even be able to afford it or would we be worse off than we are now? What if I get pregnant and who wants to move in the middle of a pregnancy or right after a birth? There are so many things to consider!

Well... I just need to remember how blessed we are to have what we have and stop complaining. And also that God has a plan for our lives and moving is in that plan, we just need to be patient.

But I can't help but wonder...

Long Beach, can we come back home to you?? <3

...Like now?
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