Wednesday, January 19, 2011

work space

It's taken almost a year of me living here to finally get reeeaaaallly close to the finish line of decorating this little humble abode of mine and David's. One of the most challenging rooms for me to finish (who am I kidding? to get started on) was our workroom. David calls it the "Office" because we are not allowed to call it the "Sewing Room". ;)

So I'll just call it our work space.

And I'll show you what it has come to (from being in shambles with tons of boxes scattered everywhere for months).

{My sewing desk with all of my supplies}

{David's bookshelf with part of our record collection and wedding photos}

{David's desk}

{My desk}

The details:
{Random Anthro finds}

{David got me that Singer tin "photo" in England on his business trip.
Photos of my grandparents}

{The Lovely Lady Pilot my friend, Nicole, painted for me. 
A few stuffed animals I made and ornament, my material
and a painting I made a few years ago}

{My Singer and a photo I took of my love}

{Craft and sewing books.
Rubber stamp collections}
Photos of loved ones:
{The collage of old & new}

{My nieces}

{My grandpa holding my mom when she was little.
Elephant statues brought back from Africa by my grandparents.}

{My young grandma.
My mom with my aunt and grandma.}

{Photo booth shots of my grandpa}

{My grandma and her sisters}
My collections:
{Some classics}

{David Sedaris & Chuck Palahniuk}

{Plays & Theatre books}

{Poe, my favorite}

What a feeling of accomplishment to finally be finished with this room! Hope you enjoy the photos!
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