Tuesday, January 11, 2011

it's going around... and around and around.

Last week I was sick with a severe sore throat and horrible fatigue. I fell asleep every night around 8:00-8:30pm, waking up no earlier than 7:00am, sometimes up until 8:45am. The flu-like symptoms kind of just ran their course thanks to Sudafed, honey & lemon in my tea and tons of oranges. I was feeling much better by Friday and by Saturday I felt great.

Sunday night I had several sneezing attacks and by Monday morning I was feeling pretty crappy again, but I went to work anyway and just went along with my day. That night I still felt gross and tired, but not sleepy. It took me almost an hour to fall asleep after I laid down. 

Early this morning, around 2am, I woke up to go pee (which I do at least 1-3 times a night, every night because of all the water I guzzle) and my entire head and body felt so heavy, my throat was super sore and dry and my nose was stuffy. I laid down and could not relax. It felt like I was coming down from Vicodin (which I once had withdrawals from while trying to get off of the drug recovering from surgery, so I know how incredibly frustrating that feeling is) because I could not let the covers touch me, but I was really cold. Every position I tried was uncomfortable, I couldn't breathe through my nose because it was stuffy and I couldn't breathe through my mouth because my throat was so scratchy/dry/sore/thrashed. Bogart wanted to cuddle and I just could not touch anything, I was shaky and restless and uncomfortable.

After what seemed like FOREVER, I finally fell asleep and did not go to work. Per my mom's request (more like forcing) I went to urgent care to figure out what the heck is wrong with me.

Turns out I have bronchitis. YUM.
And I have to be on some pretty powerful anti-biotics. DOUBLE YUM.

Apparently this is happening to everyone: The whole sick merry-go-round, getting sick, then well, then sick again. Except it's not so merry.

Getting me through it today has been fruit, won ton soup and doing nothing.

Tonight I'm most definitely knocking myself out with some Nyquil or pm meds. I can't have another restless night.

If you are sick, I feel for you. Get lots of rest, Vitamin C, and fruits/veggies.

How I look is how I feel... I know, it's not pretty.

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