Wednesday, January 12, 2011

White Christmas

I've been avoiding this post simply because I took so many photos in New York and, although I knew I'd share my favorite shots with you all, I also knew that it would be difficult to narrow them down and I would end up posting way too many.

And I was right.

This post is VERY image heavy, so I apologize, but I just can't help myself.

There was just too much inspiration all around me, it's hard for me to whittle it down.

So here we go...

{Strawberry Fields in Central Park}

{My sweet mama <3}

{Museum of Natural History}

{This one's for Kacie}

{David & I are both very fascinated with Native American culture/history}

{View of Macy's from the top of the Empire State Building}

{We found a pub we loved with actual Irish bartenders & patrons}

{The Rockefeller Center tree}

{The inside & outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral, 
where we went to mass on Christmas day}

{One of my favorite buildings, The Plaza Hotel}

{Honestly the best breakfast I have ever had in my life.
Remember this post?}

{Greenwich Village area/Bleecker St.}

{Washington Square Park just after it had begun to snow}

{The blizzard was on it's way}

{Bryant Park}

{Yes, it was that cold}

{Quite literally in the middle of the blizzard, in Times Square.
It was very post-apocolyptic}

{Chelsea Market, one of my favorite spots}

{Bleecker Street Pizza, literally the best}

{Our favorite record shop in our favorite part of Manhattan, The Village}

{In St. Paul's Chapel, where the firefighters of 9/11 rested}

{Lady Liberty}

{From inside Central Park}

{A couple of my favorite dudes outside of the best cheese shop ever}

{The view from our hotel window}

{The New York Library}

{From inside Bryant Park}

Hipstamatic & Instagram Favorites

{Times Square}

{They mate for life!}

{Can you tell that I'm kind of, sort of a little obsessed with owls? Well, I am}

{My favorites}

{Macy's window displays}

{Bryant Park tree}

{Rockefeller Center tree}

{Washington Square Park}

{I'm not kidding, the best breakfast I have ever tasted.
I won't show you what my plate looked like afterwards}

Hope you all enjoy!
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