Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Finish losing the rest of my honeymoon weight and get this attitude* while I'm at it:

*I've been doing WW since high school. I lost 70 lbs in two years, quit the program and gained back a freshman 40 in college. My weight yo-yoed up and down all throughout college until I finally joined WW again for good my senior year and it took me 4 years to lose 50 lbs just in time for my wedding and on my honeymoon I gained just a little of it back (at this point I don't want to say how much I gained, it's not like a ton compared to what I've lost and gained over the years, but I will say that since I went back on WW in September, I've lost half of what I gained in Europe). 

It's been a real struggle to lose this honeymoon weight. I've been consistently running (2-3 miles, 3-6 times a week), following the program, but traveling and the holidays have been major set backs and it seems insane to me that it's taken me 4 months to lose half of what I gained in 4 weeks. That's TOTALLY discouraging, buuuuut...

I'm excited for the new PointsPlus program that was set in to place a couple of weeks ago (all fresh fruit is now 0 points!) and I'm still getting used to the change in points values for foods (they've gone up) and how many points I am now allotted in a day (8 more points than I'm used to), but I'm gonna give this my best effort and get back to my wedding day size as soon as possible.
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