Friday, December 31, 2010

a look back at 2010

This year was unlike any other year in my life, for many reasons. Some of the events I look back on with extreme fondness and pleasure. Others, I try not to think on... but regardless of what happened this year, I cannot deny that this year was unforgettable for me.

Here is a look at my 2010

This year:

I turned 26

I married the most beautiful human being
my love
my David

Went on the most incredible honeymoon of a lifetime
(even if we spent all of our money to get there 
& I gained more weight than I care to admit, 
which I'm still struggling to lose, it was worth it)





Met & fell madly in love with Alli
{she is an AMAZING friend}

Spent a wonderful last summer with & said goodbye to my MarMar<3
(she now resides in London with her love, Ben)

Watched my eldest niece, Savanna, turn 16!
(that was scary)

Said a final farewell to a dear, beloved lifelong friend
(we will always miss him)

He really does call me "Red" now

Went to Kyle & Jaymee's gorgeous Palm Springs wedding

Met the Hubs & my mom in Texas

LOVED being his Wifey
(and getting adorable notes like these)

Got to know some really awesome people at church 
{like Kacie!}
(and enjoyed times like these with them and will hopefully enjoy many more)

Saw the Judds' live!
(seriously, I was in awe of these women)

and had our very first Christmas as hubs and wifey in Manhattan
(and my very first White Christmas to boot!)

I also sent out our first Christmas post card
(I only had the time/budget for a limited amount to send out, so I'm sorry if you didn't get one!)
{We also couldn't decide which one we liked the best, so we made all three and sent them out randomly}

Instead of ringing in the New Year with friends and champagne (which was the plan), we are spending it here at home because I am feeling pretty sick/dizzy/exhausted. The composing of this entry is due mostly in part to the fact that I'm trying to keep myself awake until midnight.

But, I hope you all are doing something a lot more fun than just sitting at home, watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin and trying not to fall asleep.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful, exciting, safe and happy 2011!

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