Monday, February 7, 2011

funny story

So last night Dave and I had just laid down in bed to go to sleep and we're trying to get Bogart's attention because he was distracted by a fly on the window and I mentioned how crazy it is that cat's have night vision, which started a hilarious conversation that went as such:

A: "It's crazy how cats have night vision."
D: "Well, they actually don't. They can just see really well in low light. They have great low light vision."
A: "Really? I didn't know that."
D: "Yeah, like elves. Elves have low light vision."
A: "...uuuuuum, do you believe in Santa, too?"
D: "No, other elves."
A: "What other elves are there?!?"
D: (silence)
A: "What other kind of elves are there, Dave? Keebler elves??"
D: (laughs) "No."
A: "Weeelll??"
D: Silence...

D: "Middle Earth elves."

That's when I sat up in bed and started laughing so hard I began wheezing and crying.

Ohhh, these elves?

Of course, how could I forget the elves of Middle Earth??

Hubs has his hilarious moments when I go, "Whaaaaa?"
He's really great at surprising me with how funny he can be. These times are usually at night when it's dark and we have our little conversations before falling asleep (which he usually does mid-conversation). 

I love those moments.


Pia said...

Ha, this is cute! Love it. :)

Diana Smith said...

hahaha looks like someone has an awesome imagination!! Thats a hilarious story! Thanks for sharing!

Kacie said...

i wish blogger had a "like" button :)

Anonymous said...

Heheheh! Gotta love the LOTR reference. Middle earth elves. Glad he gave you a reason to smile :)

he calls me wifey said...

Pia: thanks pretty lady!

Diana: hahaha, it surprises me how vivid his imagination is sometimes

Kacie: me too!

Cecilia: it's funny 'cause i actually really love LOTR, but i wouldn't automatically think of the LOTR elves.