Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a good start to the week

If anyone knows me they know how I am not a sports person and when it comes to football, let's not even go there. I loathe it.

Buuuuuuut, that didn't stop me from having a really awesome time at a Super Bowl get together on Sunday with some friends from church (including Kacie!).

Jeff and Lauren were kind enough to invite David & myself, as well as Noel, Todd & Kacie to come over, make tons of food and "watch" the game. We had a really great day, and though Dave looks really bored in the photos I took (which is why there aren't many of him) he had a really great time, too.

{Noel, Jeff & Todd}

{Lauren looking all pensive}

{I made waaaay too much guacamole}

{But everyone loved it!}

{They're cute}

{Probably laughing at awesome commercials. 
The mini-Darth Vader was my personal favorite}

{Holding Jeff & Lauren's rat!}

And then last night was "Girls/Guys Night" which means the girls from Fusion (our young marrieds Sunday school class) get together and hang out and the guys do their thing, too. Chanell, Lauren, Kacie, Lindsay and myself drove out to The Grove at the Farmer's Market for a book signing of The Pioneer Woman. It turned out that the line was hours long and so instead we just snuck up close and gawked at her for a few minutes. After that we made our way over to Anthro to look around, then had a delicious dinner at the Farmer's Market. 

I love these ladies. We talked a little bit about how nice it is to be able to have common ground with women around our age who we can feel totally comfortable with and really enjoy each others' company. I'm really grateful for that and am happy God answered those prayers for me.

{Lauren cracks me up}


Adrian said...

I wanted to go to The Pioneer Woman's book signing so badly, but I couldn't make it happen. I'm jealous you were even able to get close to her.

Anonymous said...

i thought i spotted your husband in Kacie's photos!

and i would have eaten all the guac myself had I been there!


JayneSees said...

Sounds like good times! We need to make a heart2heart date still!

Kacie said...

its settled... i want you to take our christmas photos... or any other photos for that matter.

he calls me wifey said...

Adrian: the crazy thing is that there were hundreds of people there and they had all been waiting for HOURS and we were all like, "la da da, going to see the pioneer woman. oh, i guess not." apparently she was super sweet and considerate and kind, which is awesome. oh and she's really pretty in person.

Rachel: hahaha, i had to refrain from doing so myself!

Courtney: yes!! i'm still really down for our heart2heart.

Kacie: yay!!!! this makes me happy :)