Saturday, April 2, 2011

Final Four Feast

Today I am going to a sports viewing party (I believe it's called Final Four. Basketball? Baseball? Anyone??) that I'm actually looking forward to.
We're going to Jeff & Lauren's house. I'm just making salad, but Lauren is making three (yes, three) homemade pizzas, peanut butter fritters and mini ice cream scoops dipped in sprinkles. Uuuuum, can you say delish?
Okay so I know I'm on a diet (perpetually, but for reals I'm on one currently), but I am really excited to grub. Plus Lauren and I worked out extra hard yesterday to take the calorie edge off just a bit.
Since I know it's going to be warm in their kitchen and since I know I'll have more than one slice of pizza, I dressed accordingly: stretchy pants and a very loose fitting top ready for a food baby (key words underlined).
I'll go back on my diet tomorrow (wink, wink).

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday! How are you spending it??
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