Monday, April 4, 2011

One Year Anniversary Weekend {Image Heavy}

On the weekend of March 13th, David and I celebrated one year of marriage. We were given the wonderful opportunity to go back to The Millennium Biltmore in downtown LA, where we were married exactly a year earlier.
There is no better word to describe that weekend than bittersweet. The memories of moments and of people flooded back like a huge crashing wave. 
I’d be lying if I said that this first year hasn’t been difficult. My family has gone through hell and it’s been a really hard road for each of us in different ways. There were so many times that I asked God, “Why this year? Why in our first year of marriage?,” but I have no reason to question the Lord and his infinite wisdom and unusual timing. 
I lost a couple of friends to circumstance, bitterness, ignorance, or betrayal. I also lost a dear, lifelong friend who meant so much to me. So much more than I realized until the moment the shocking news of his death was relayed. I also gained some wonderful friends and re-gained an old one. I attended three funerals within one month, one of which I didn’t think I could sit through without wanting to scream obscenities at the top of my lungs (and for good reason) and another that I couldn’t hold back the brokenhearted tears of a man who deserved a standing ovation.
A lot of things occurred, some wonderful and some horrible, but the one thing I know for sure is that I don’t think I could have gone through it and come out this in tact without David. He has stood by me through one of the toughest years of my life. He has put up with so many tears, so many rants, so many moody moments and outbursts of frustration or anger. Though he can’t fully understand, he tries his best to do so. He prays for me, he holds my hand, he rubs my back, he brings me water and tea. He wraps his arms around me and comforts my aching heart... be still my aching heart.
This year has also tested my faith. It has made me question a few of my beliefs. It has brought me to a place of trust and hope in the Lord. It has made me face my demons and has opened my eyes to what lies within my heart of hearts. 
David and I got a lot more involved in church, we have developed friendships with some really great people and are still beginning others. I have sought counseling for what this year has brought and though I am no where near the place of closure, I am on the path to healing. 
And that is where we are at right now. 

So here are some (translation: a TON) of photos from our Anniversary weekend. We had so much fun. We relaxed, we ate great food, we swam in the pool, we slept in. It was fabulous.

{In the bar where our favorite shot from the wedding was taken}

 {On a walk in downtown}

 {We visited the costume exibit and LOVED it. My favorite costume? 
The one pictured below from The Young Victoria}

{Louie’s macrons are almost as good as the ones in Paris}

{This beautiful bookstore was next to the Biltmore}

{We visited the roof}

 {They gave us the same room we spent our mini honeymoon in}

{That table is where we ate our first meal as marrieds}

{Library Bar}

{After a few glasses of champagne, we snuck into the room where our reception took place}

{The eating of the one year old cake...}

{My mom packed up the cake with programs from the wedding ceremony}

{Gross. I wanted to spit it out, but Dave made me swallow it}

{Enjoying the complimentary champagne}

{We had our anniversary dinner at The Edison where I had my bachelorette party at}


{Second night of complimentary champagne!}

{Breakfast at the Pantry Cafe = best pancakes of my life}

{My favorite bakery: Babycakes!}

You can also view a lot more photos of our anniversary at my Flickr here

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