Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kris & Bud tie the knot {image heavy}

About two weeks ago David and I attended the wedding of this really amazing friend of mine who I met through college. Not only did we have the honor of attending this gorgeous wedding, but it also gave me the chance to catch up with some other friends I met from or during college, including one of my favorite roommates ever, Rachel, Sam and her hubs Aaron Shintaku, the photographer (who also photographed my engagement & wedding), and the absolutely darling Courtney!

Kristin, the bride, was breathtakingly beautiful. She looked absolutely stunning. The chapel was magnificent, all of the handmade centerpieces and tid bits here and there were either from Anthropologie or made by Kristin herself. The cocktails were delish, the food was oh so yummy and the photo booth (with props also made by Kris) was SO FUN! I have to tell you, this was one of the best weddings I have ever been to. I've only really had this much fun and one other wedding (besides my own) and that was Kyle & Jaymee's wedding last October. This wedding definitely went down in my books as tops!

I am so incredibly happy for Kristin and Bud. They were both glowing on their day and they both looked marvelous.

{This is from their engagement session with Aaron. You can view more here.}
{Uuuuuum, look at these two beauties!}

{On our way!}

{The gorgeous chapel}

{They are STUNNING!}

{Yeah, Kris totally did all this on her own!}


{Love that Court!}

{Our husbands were bonding}

{Rachel and Sam <3}


 {Old roomies}

{Photo booth fun}

{What's with my pirate eye?}

I can't wait to see Aaron's photos from the wedding!!
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