Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ladies' Night, The Hiding Place, and Hunger Games

I'm just gonna start off by saying I am exhaaaaaaaaaaaaaausted. I am so freaking tired. If I laid down on the couch, or heck even the floor, right now, I'd fall asleep.
But I cannot sleep. I had a pretty full day already (and that's not even why I'm tired) and I still have to pack because tomorrow David and I are flying to New York for a few days (For business. His and my mom's, not mine. I just get to enjoy the city). 
I know, I know I'm a pretty lucky lady. Traveling is one of my dear loves and true pleasures in life. I never get tired of it, even if it's to a place I've already been before.
I could have packed yesterday, but I did a lot of random things before going out to ladies' night at Lauren's house with one of her neighbors and Kacie. It was a fun night, but I accidentally had too many cocktails and even though I was definitely sober by the time I left, I woke up feeling like crap. I mean, I only had three and had three slices of homemade pizza, but since I don't drink all that often, when I do it really effects me the next day.

{My ladies' night outfit}
Dress: F21
Belt: Anthropologie
Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Monogram pin: Urban Outfitters
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Leggings: Target
Boots: Marc by Marc Jacobs

{"D" is for David <3}
And today I went to the second audition of the The Hiding Place, the play I am assistant directing in June. I haven't mentioned it on the blog until now because I guess I just thought I should wait until everyone was cast and I knew where we stood and what our roles on and off stage would look like. I am also cast to play two different characters. The play has a HUGE cast that we've trimmed down to about 35 characters with 23 actors, many of them taking on multiple roles and learning different dialects. I'm really excited about it, especially now that we have our actors and things seem to be coming together more smoothly. It will be something that I'll be really immersed in for about two months so I'm sure I'll probably be blogging about it a lot (or not blogging at all, HA HA!). We'll see. This is the first show I've been involved with in over two years, maybe even three, and I'm really looking forward to jumping right back into it. I've missed the theatre so much and I know that when rehearsals start I will really realize that I missed it more than I thought I had.

I also stopped by Target on my way home to pick up the second of the Hunger Games trilogy. I started reading it the other night and I had planned to read it on the plane to and from New York, but I'm almost finished with it! I was able to have a few hours on Thursday to do nothing so I just read it and kinda plowed through it, so if I don't finish it tonight due to packing or sleep or whatever, I'll finish it on the flight and start the second book as well. I can't wait!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead of you. I'll catch up on it all when we get back from Manhattan <3

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