Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Buttons

In the past I have had major issues with making buttons for my blog. There are so many websites out there that are WRONG about how to create a button for your blog, but with the help of a site here and a site there I have finally figured it out. These ones actually work   ;)

It's not easy for someone so technologically slow as myself, but I got the hang of it and ended up going crazy with photoshop and made a bunch of buttons (much more than I need, but I like to give the people choices, wink wink).

So here are my new buttons, folks! You can grab the one of Davey and myself on the side bar, or you can go to the "Grab My Button" tab to choose something else. I hope you enjoy and keep checking back for more buttons in the future! <3

and the original
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