Wednesday, April 27, 2011

this week and why i still feel like a giant pile of grossness

To my faithful readers it may seem I've abandoned my blog... 
and I sorta have lately. I'm sorry!
But I have a good excuse: Since last Friday I have had Strep Throat and laying, sleeping, resting on the couch or in bed watching TV, movies or reading has just been so much easier to do than sit upstairs in my uncomfortable chair and blog. I also don't think I will be able to catch up on my blog reads or comment much and I'm sorry you guys :(
Here's what happened: Last Thursday evening Dave and I went over to The Hadley's house for some pizza and Back to the Future. I had a lot of jalapenos and red pepper flakes on my pizza which made my lips and mouth burn (I know this may not make sense to the story now, but waaaaaitfoooooriiiiiit). After the movie was over my throat started to burn a little. I thought it could have been from the fiery hotness of the pizza, or maybe since I was cleaning up a storm earlier that day and was using new cleaning products that made me sneeze, that my throat possibly suffered because of it. 
Anyway, we went home, went to bed and right at 2am, BAM, I was awake with a throat so hot on fire I could barely swallow and I definitely couldn't fall back asleep. So I got out of bed, grabbed a cough drop and tried to go back to sleep. NO DICE. I laid there with a stomach ache from the cough drop and a throat that still blazed on. So I went downstairs, made a cup of peppermint tea to settle my stomach, watched an infomercial and as soon as my tummy settled a bit, I made a cup of honey lemon Theraflu, caught up on The Judds, and fell back asleep around 4am. Around 6am Dave woke me up and helped me back upstairs to bed. I woke up around 8am feeling like I hadn't slept in daaaaaaaaaayz. My entire body ached. Even my bones ached. MY TEETH ACHED.
I hung around the house a bit and then decided to the urgent care I needed to go. I had plans that day (Friday) to see Water for Elephants with Lauren and Kacie and since I've waited a year to see it, I knew no matter what the doctor said, I needed to go or I'd be super bummed. 
Turns out I had a fever, a migraine and Strep Throat. A shot in the hip, prescription for antibiotics and a promise to take 800 milligram of ibuprofen later, I felt slightly better so I decided off to WforE I go...
Bad idea. I was DOWN FOR THE COUNT by the last third of the movie. Though I'm glad I saw it since I had been waiting for so long (even though Reese Witherspoon's performance was a MAJOR LETDOWN...girl, you are better than that), I just shouldn't have gone. I drove home to Dave and literally fell on the couch. I eventually forced myself upstairs to get in my sweats and laid on the couch for the remainder of the day. That night I slept for 12 hours.
Easter was a bust for me. I couldn't go to church (and I was really looking forward to sunrise service), and I just rested until it was time to get ready to go to Dave's grandparents' house to take the family photos. Getting ready alone, WORE ME OUT. I was ready for bed before we even stepped foot out of the door. Lunch gave me the strength I needed to take the photos, but after that I was beat. My mom had to help me to the car. Needless to say, the next day I paid for it. I stayed on the couch all day. I finished reading The Hunger Games series, watched some TV, caught up on some American Idol (THANK GOD Stefano is FINALLY gone), and just rested up for yesterday: our Disneyland double date with the Friedman's we'd been planning for weeks. 
I had hoped that by yesterday I felt much better for our day at Disneyland and thankfully I did, but today I'm paying for it. Last night I slept at least 10 hours and I'm pretty exhausted. I don't regret it though because we had such an incredibly awesome time. First of all the Friedman's (Anthony and Chanell) are super rad, and experiencing Dland the way they do was refreshing and super fun. Chanell and I drove out there early and met up with the guys later after they both got off work. Round two is already in the works. I can't wait.
So all in all that's pretty much been my week. I'm hoping that I start to feel 100% better soon, especially since my antibiotics are gone, and especially since I feel like a giant pile of lazy crap and I really don't need an excuse to sit around the house and do nothing all day long.
Anyway, here are a few shots I snapped with my phone at Disneyland yesterday.

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