Monday, May 16, 2011

Dub Dub Weigh In

{Week Two}

-1 lb
I have to admit, this week I was worried I would be up or have maintained... and I'll tell you why. This week was my first week of rehearsals and what I discovered is this: when I get home from rehearsal, the first thing I want to do is look in the cupboard for a snack. And I indulged just about every night after rehearsal. I tracked the points, though, so I mostly just had to dip into my extra weekly points in order to stay within my points range. I don't really know why I thought I'd gain or stay the same since I didn't go over my points and I worked out hard 6 days in a row. Maybe it was just the anxiety of weighing in. Sometimes there are those weeks where you feel super anxious for no reason. 
I used to weigh myself between weigh ins and that would TOTALLY mess with my head. I would be up and then I'd practically starve to save points and then still be up. Or I'd weigh and be down and then go weigh in at WW and be up. So I stopped doing that. I also used to make sure that I reduced my sodium intake A LOT the day before a weigh in to increase my chances of success and what I finally realized is that you just can't trick the scale. If you had a bad week, it'll show on the scale. If you had an okay week, it'll show on the scale. If you had a great week, guess what? It'll show on the scale. 
You can't trick the scale.
So I've gotta keep thinking that way and just focus on tracking, measuring, getting in those power foods, working out and drinking lots of water.
Anyway, even though it's only one pound, I'm happy. Maintaining is better than gaining, and losing (even if just an ounce) is better than maintaining. I'm learning that I need to not be so hard on myself (that's not an easy lesson for me) and that I have to rejoice in the little victories or else this is going to be a much more difficult journey than it needs to be.


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