Saturday, May 7, 2011

Meals of the week (WW)

First of all I want to thank everyone who commented on my last blog post, or who sent me emails or FB comments/messages, and texts. Reading how much each person commended me for my courage and honesty really meant the world to me. I still haven't responded to all comments or emails, but I promise I will as soon as possible.

So WW is going well so far. I got really fired up about meal planning for this week and it has definitely gone off without a hitch (well, except for one meal).

I posted photos of most of the meals to Instagram (lovelyladypilot) and I received many comments asking for recipes. One lovely lady named Stacey over at Blogs, Tea & Me suggested I start a recipe page here on my blog and I'm actually considering it!

Anyway, it's become pretty clear to me (AGAIN) how delicious being on WW can be, if you put the work into it and calculate the points that aren't already provided. Here are some photos of this week's dinner.

Veggie Pizza (Lauren's recipe, but modified for few points)
6 servings, 7 points per slice

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup (WW recipe)
6 servings, 3 points each

Pink Sauce (Homemade Marinara + store bought light Alfredo)
with Rigatoni Pasta
4 servings, 8 points each

Crystal Light Pink Lemonade
0 points per serving

Baked Macaroni and Cheese (WW recipe)
Major fail.
I've made this before with soy milk and it was gross,
but this time I made it with real milk and it was slightly better.
Still a major fail.
6 servings, 7 points per serving

Celebrating Cinco a day late with Bud Light, Black Bean Soup
and Potato Tacos

Bud Light 
1 point per serving

Homemade pica de gallo
0 points per serving

Black Bean Soup (WW recipe)
4 servings, 3 points per serving
Absolutely delish

Potato tacos (my own recipe)
8 points for 3 tacos

Kids' size chocolate frosty for dessert
4 points per serving

Tomorrow I will be weighing in so I will either post my results on Sunday evening or Monday. Wish me luck!

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