Sunday, May 29, 2011

saturday in the park {image heavy}

The weekends have become such a beautiful thing lately due to how busy my weekday schedule has become. It's pretty much the only time that I get to see Dave, except when we're sleeping next to each other. This weekend, yesterday specifically, we drove to the coast in Palos Verdes, stopped at a park by a lighthouse and had somewhat of a picnic. I packed some yummy walnut & cranberry salad, some snacks, strawberries and mini bran muffins. It was a beautiful sunny day and I thankfully remembered to pack my camera with me to capture how lovely it was. 

After we came back home, Dave fired up the grill, marinated some carne asada (for him), threw it on the grill as well as some veggies (pour moi), caught up with some American Idol (yes, we know who won even though we still haven't seen the finale, I was bummed that Hayley got voted off, she was my favorite besides Casey) and then we grubbed out big time.

{Bogart really wanted Dave's carne asada tacos}

I also got a little dolled up to participate in Steppin' Out Saturday over at Harper's Happenings.

What did you all do this weekend?

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