Monday, May 30, 2011

Dub Dub Weigh In

{Week Four}

+0.2 lb
Change since restart (first week of 5/11): -3 lbs

So I gained this week, which is a TOTAL bummer, even though it's only a very slight gain. As you may already know, I missed last week's weigh in because I threw out my back and couldn't really do anything or go anywhere. I really did not want to miss because I knew that almost every time that I do, I have a bad following week. The accountability of the weigh in and the meetings really give me the motivation and the drive to do well.

I had a hard time tracking this past week because a) I was on drugs that made me super loopy and tired and b) I threw up three times, soooooo do I count those points?? Confusing. And I also couldn't work out at all, I mean I could barely move, there was no lifting of anything or Zumba dancing in my near future for a while. Also, those drugs really didn't, errrr, help "things" move along smoothly in the slightest (TMI, I know).

So this week I am going to be SUPER strict, especially since last night we and The Hadleys (Noel and Sarah) went to The Dokko's (Brian and Vanessa) house and were treated with a gourmet dinner made by Brian. We're talking cocktails, cheese and bread, poached eggs on asparagus with garlic croutons from scratch, beef sliders (cheese sliders for me and Noel), pork wontons for everyone else, the most delicious au gratin potatoes, cookies and homemade ice cream. Yeah, I tried to track all of that food and I'm pretty sure that I ate my entire extra weekly 49 points. That means I'm going to be ridiculously meticulous with my tracking... especially since I still can't work out because I'm still in pain from my back. Let's hope that I don't gain again next week!

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