Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Hiding Place by Noel J Hadley

When my talented friend, Noel, asked if I would be interested in having him come to a few rehearsals of The Hiding Place to photograph as a photo documentary for his blog, I immediately jumped at the chance (after getting permission from Sue, the director, of course). 

He so graciously offered his talent as a labor of love, very much like the majority of us who have been working so very hard on this show for the last several weeks, and we couldn't be more grateful and more pleased at how the photos turned out. Though we've only seen a fraction of the photos on his blog that he actually snapped during those rehearsals, I know that there are plenty more that are just as beautiful, moving and impassioned.

His review of the show is also full of honesty, poignance and even a little bit of humor... somewhat like the play itself.

I am so pleased with the art that he created out of our art. Please take a look at his blog post and photos

Here are few sneak peeks.

Check out the rest here.

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