Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I've been really busy these past few days. I haven't really been able to blog, or keep up with my favorite blogs (I'm sorry!) and things just haven't been normal in a while.

Saturday was my last day off in a while before the The Hiding Place opens this weekend. I ended up going to see The Tree of Life with Marianne, Christi and James in the afternoon, stopped by South Coast Plaza for a foundation refill and some undergarments for the play and then went home and vegged out on the couch for the rest of the night. Dave went to a bachelor party so I had the place all to myself. 

Sunday I got up early, went to WW, then church, drank a huge coffee (I never drink caffeine) and had the jitters ALL DAY. After church I headed to the theatre for cue-to-cue (basically we just stand around and go through the entire show working with the technical stuff like the lighting and sound cues), which lasted for a while. It was about a 9 hour day, but it went by relatively quickly. Now we're into tech week, dress rehearsals and the last runs of the show before we open. Tonight is our last dress rehearsal and tomorrow we have a preview show for a select audience, then on Friday we open the show.

I've been spending my days sleeping in because I get home around midnight and I'm still wired from rehearsal, or caffeine or a late dinner so I end up staying awake until about 1:30 or 2:00 am. Then I get ready for the day, rehearse my dialect incessantly, pack a dinner/snack and head over to the theatre.

As much as I have really loved and enjoyed this whole experience and as much as I am so grateful to be working in theatre again, I'm tired and I'm ready for a break. The great thing about opening a show is that I get most of the weeknights free and I can get back into the normal swing of things a little bit. I can start cooking and cleaning on a regular basis, I can start working out more again, and I can work more.

But I know... I JUST KNOW... that when this show closes, I'm going to be sad. It happens every time a show closes. I always miss it.

Oh well. I just have to do my best to enjoy these moments while I can.

Photo of a scene in the First Act during Cue-to-Cue taken by Tim Larson

Here I am trying to get my hair into a conservative looking 1940's 'do for the show.

I wish it could have stayed like this.

Danielle and I with "dirt" on our faces... apparently that wasn't enough "dirt".

Wish me luck for Friday and lots of broken legs and what not :)

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