Monday, June 20, 2011

an update of sorts

This week has been CAH-RAY-ZEE.
Seriously, it flew. 

The opening weekend of the show ended. 
I baked that delicious apple pie. 
Dave got ready to leave on his business trip to Paris. 
I packed up some stuff to stay at my mom's while he's away and got ready for the second weekend of shows by baking cupcakes for the cast. 
Then yesterday morning I woke up early to bake cookies for the awesome cast party we had at Sue's house after the Sunday matinee. 
One of the actor's had to go to the ER literally an hour before the Sunday matinee performance so we had several actors take over for his scenes. It was scary and fun and adventurous, but mostly we just hope Dwayne is okay. 
I came to my house this morning to spend some time with Bogart (he really missed me) and clean the house to get ready for  girl's night which I hosted this week. 
Chanell was the only one who made it, but it was awesome. We locked ourselves out of the house because we were walking to her car so she could get a book for me to borrow. We both left our cell phones in the house, so we had to knock on my awesome neighbor's door to use their phone. I called my mom who is also in Paris because I don't have my husband's cell phone number memorized (I know, I'm a doofus) and I needed my mother-in-law's number so she could bring over the spare key. I kept getting cut off from my mom so we called a locksmith instead. He couldn't pick the lock, so instead he jumped through the window and I paid $135 for that, which REALLY blows, but it was hilarious and now Chanell and I have a funny story to tell and I'm just thankful we got back in the house.

So about those cupcakes I made... they were incredible. I made four dozen. Yes, FOUR DOZEN. By Saturday there were only 4 or 5 left.

I got the recipe from Erin at Sunshine and Carousels. Her cupcakes and baked goods always look so amazing and I've been meaning to bake something from her blog, so I used this opportunity (and that huge jar of Nutella in my cupboard) to do so!

I made the Banana and Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Nutella frosting and I'm telling you they were EXTRAORDINARY.

One of the crew members had at least 3 or 4 of them. Everyone loved them. I'm so happy they turned out so amazing. You should definitely check out the recipe here.

I wrote little notes of thanks and attached them to each cupcake so that the cast and crew knew how much I appreciated all of their hard work. They all seemed to love it.

While cleaning the house today I gathered together the remains of the bouquet of flowers Erin and Jon gave me when they came to see my play and they added so much color and life to the living room!

Bogart really is the king of the castle around here.

I guess he's really into Seinfeld now.

The flowers from Erin & Jon, as well as the ceramic tea set and platter they gave us as our wedding gift.

She & Him 
Volume One

I'll be continuing to stay at my mom's house for the rest of the week and she doesn't have a working computer so I won't be blogging as regularly and I definitely won't be able to keep updated on everyone else's blog, unfortunately. 
I'm sorry in advance to all my favorite blogs out there! I hope you know who you are :)

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