Monday, July 25, 2011

Dub Dub Weigh In

{Week Twelve}

- 0.2 lbs
Change since week one: - 4 lbs
Change since 2006: - 34 lbs

So here's the deal with my weigh in this week... it's kinda funny. So I was in a hurry because I had to be at church earlier than normal, so I couldn't stay for the meeting, but I was running late so I had to get in and get out. I was 20 minutes late to the weigh in/meeting so I went right in and stepped on the scale. The lady behind the counter said, "Okay you're up point four this week." and I let out a super exasperated sigh of annoyance because though I had a lot of eating out events to go to this week, I knew I didn't go over my extra weekly points allowance and thought that my body is doing that thing where it just refuses to lose weight. So I left WW and got in the car. I realized that I had a little bit of time and that I also had to pee so I went back in and asked if I could use the restroom and weigh in again (I've never done that before!). The lady at the counter said that I definitely could, although she couldn't change the weight she already entered in the system. Honestly I don't care about that, just as long as I know what my true weight is.

So I came back from the bathroom and stepped on the scale. That little bit of water I hadn't released weighed 0.6 lbs!! That's a lot. So in reality I lost 0.2 lbs this week. I know it's not much, but I would much rather have a small loss than a gain so I'm trying to be proud of the small victories.

This past week I went to my mom's fancy and delicious birthday dinner, went to a cooking class where we had a tasty meal, and went to a beach bonfire and had three s'mores, so losing anything at all is a bit of a victory.

I also noticed this on my online WW profile and thought I'd share it. 

Those are all milestones that I have reached on the program that I need to be proud of and need to use as an encouragement and a reminder that I've come a long way. Plus, this isn't even from the 70 lbs I lost in high school, this is from when I started WW in college! I've worked hard to lose weight on several occasions and though I sometimes fail, I've succeeded so much and I need to give myself more credit. I'm always really hard on myself about EVERYTHING, but especially, especially, especially about my weight. I need to pat myself on the back a little more because it gets really exhausting to constantly be looking at what I'm not accomplishing rather than what I already have and what I know I will.

So I may not be super stoked about this week's results, but I'm not upset. I'm content, which is all I really need to be.

I won't be able to go to WW next week (and possibly not the next week) because I will be out of town and I will be faced with a lot of food challenges while I'm there. My biggest fear is that I will make the same mistakes I made while on my recent trip a couple of weeks ago, gain another 5 lbs back and get back up to 160 by the time I'm home. I'm definitely not going to be expecting that and I will be trying my best to make wise decisions while I'm gone, but for me, food while traveling is a huge battle. It really is my most intense, make-it-or-break-it weight loss battle. It stresses me out, which then feeds into the vicious cycle of eating because I'm stressed/depressed and stressed/depressed because I'm eating. UGH, I have problems. Wish me luck, you guys. I'm gonna need it.
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