Tuesday, September 6, 2011

tunes tuesday

Yes, you guessed it. I'm starting another weekly post.

I've actually been thinking a long time about starting a weekly post about the music I love, but I never did. Almost as long as I've had my blog I've toyed with the thought, but it wasn't until I started following Kelly Ann over at The Flowerchild Dwelling that I was convinced this was something I might want to share (fun fact: Kelly Ann and I actually went to the same small college around the same time and never met. She studied Film and I studied Theatre. Small world, right?)

I've always been protective of the music I listen to. If you read my latest films friday post, you might already understand why. When I find a musician or band that I love, I try to cherish it and keep it all to myself. Good for me, bad for the musician/band, right? Well I never thought of it that way. I guess I thought that if I kept it a secret, then no one could destroy or kill it for me, and it would continue to be special.

But now I realize that that's silly thought... right?

Anyway, I thought I'd start this week's tunes tuesday off with something a little unexpected. I'm not going to start off with my favorite band or musician, instead I'm going to introduce my readers to a band I discovered only a few days ago. Well, to be honest, David did the discovering and passed it on to me.

See, we have a friend named Kyle Zantos who moved up to Seattle a year or two ago. I'm guessing because the music scene in Long Beach wasn't what he had needed anymore. He joined a band after moving up there and very recently came back around LB on tour with his bandmates to do a show which David attended. I couldn't go because I had a commitment that I couldn't get out of (we'll probably discuss that in a future post).

Dave came home the night of the show so excited to share this band with me. We sampled their latest album and immediately purchased it via iTunes. David and I both agree that it's one of the best albums we've heard in a while... and it's not just because Kyle plays the banjo and slide guitar, but because they really are that great.

Dave told me over and over again how the whole time he was watching their show he was just in complete awe and kept thinking how much I would LOVE this band. I am so sorry that I missed the show and the opportunity to see Kyle again and meet his bandmates, but I thought I'd share with you all this fantastic band and I hope you not only love them also, but support them by purchasing an album and/or seeing one of their future shows if you get the chance.

Kyle is second to the left in the plaid shirt and glasses.
{image source}

The music on this playlist is from their first album which I'm sure I'll be purchasing in the near future

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