Saturday, October 1, 2011

getting the fever

Papani Isaia Siliga

Papani is my brother's name, but this little cutie pie, my new nephew, goes by Isaia.

Early Monday morning I caught a flight to Phoenix, AZ to visit my brother, Junior, my sister-in-law, LaRae, my niece, Keilani and my brand spanking new nephew, Isaia.

On only four hours of sleep from Blog Sugar the night before I was dead tired, but I quickly revived by the sight of this precious little angel. He is a living doll. I fed him in the hospital and held him close. I even held him for hours the next evening as he slept in my arms. 

I am not a baby person. I think the only other newborns I have ever really held are my three nieces, and when I get around babies and toddlers I always fear I'm going to do something wrong, I just don't know what to do around them, but when I held this little guy it felt different.

Could it be that I am actually becoming maternal? Gasp.

Yeah I think babies and kids are cute and when I see adorable little ones all over blogs and IG feeds, I get all gushy and giggly at the cuteness, but it has only been until recently that I've actually, really, seriously wanted one of my own. My womb starts to ache and I am so weirded out by it.

Baby fever is approaching... but before I get a million texts, comments or exclamations full of glee from all of the many women in our families I must tell you that it is slow coming. Just be thankful that the fever is somewhere in the vicinity of my daydreaming.

But seriously, how could you not love this face?

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