Monday, November 21, 2011

Dub Dub Weigh In

{Week One}

- 3.8 lbs
Change since 2006: 32.2 lbs

I'm starting over!!

Okay so I know it's not really week one, but I've started all over again in my mind with this, so I think my documented journey needs to start over as well. When I started this whole public WW journey, I lost 10 lbs pretty easily and it was awesome. THEN I went to Europe and ruined it all. If you've been reading my journey you already know that my biggest weakness is travel. I'm a foodie so I love to try all the deliciousness that other states and countries have to offer. Unfortunately, my waistline seriously suffers.

It's been four stupid months since I got back from Europe and I still haven't dropped the weight I gained there, or the other 20 I wanna lose. I know below it says my goal weight is 140, but it really is 130. The reason my goal at WW is 140 is because once you reach your goal and stay there for 6 weeks, you become a Lifetime member and you don't have to pay to be a part of WW EVER AGAIN! I'm so done with paying for my weigh ins.

I got incredibly fed up last week and just decided to do something that seemed, to me, absolutely insane: I cut out unneeded carbs and sugar. I live for carbs like pasta, bread, grains, beans, etc. No more. I mean, obviously I'll let myself have some pasta every once in a while (like once every week or two), but I need to get this weight off of me and get back on track to feeling healthy and confident, so bye bye carbs & sugar! Obviously I'll be enjoying myself on Thanksgiving, but I'm not gonna go crazy and I'm not going to eat more than one meal if we end up going to multiple dinners.

So after a week of no carbs/no sugar I lost 3.8 lbs!!

I have to be honest, I am eating carbs/sugar that come from fruits & vegetables and I'm allowing myself cheese (now THAT I cannot live without again), & some salad dressings. Basically, I've been eating a lot of eggs, fruit/veggies, cheese, chicken/fish/turkey/pork, & nuts. That's about it. I feel totally satisfied and have even lost some of my appetite. I'm not nearly as hungry all the time as I used to be.

I hope I stick with this because even though it sometimes gets hard to not let myself get off track, I am obviously seeing the fruits of my labor. I mean, I honestly don't think I've lost more than 3.5 lbs in one week doing WW, even when I was a lot heavier and it was easier to lose. I'm stoked and pumped and motivated.

Like I said before, I am not gonna go crazy at Thanksgiving, even though I'm baking two pies, sweet potato gratin, and my "famous" jam crumb bars. BUT I won't let myself get pissed off if I have a bit of a gain or stay the same next week when I weigh in. As long as I limit my Thanksgiving feasting to ONLY Thursday, I should be fine. I've lost weight during the holidays before and I know I can do it again.

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This is my "are you kidding?!?" face.

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