Wednesday, December 14, 2011

drought (and a fresh new look)

it may seem as though i have fallen off the face of the earth.
or that i don't care.
or that i have given up.
or that i'm just too busy to put in the time and effort it takes to keep a blog running.
and read other blogs.

i'm going to be completely honest here.
for a while i didn't care.
i did give up (almost).
i have been extremely busy.
i haven't read any blogs. at all.

i passed up opportunities to be featured on some really great blogs.
i passed up many opportunities to write what's going on in my head and in my heart.
i literally avoided even looking at my computer.

for the past couple of months i have been busy rehearsing for the play i associate directed at VUSC and supporting the cast and crew by seeing as many performances as i could.
i have been so busy that i only just began my Christmas shopping (two down, i don't even want to think about how many more to go).
i haven't even thought about sending out Christmas cards.
i only recently decorated my house for the holidays.
i have been doing well at WW, as far as i know.
i have spent all of my free time with David (the hubs), Bogart (the kitteh) and with Lisbeth Salander (those books are crazy good).
and some time with the Bard (Shakespeare, that is).
i have been working on some monologues, doing as much as i can in a short period of time and too little hours in the day to prepare for grad school applications/auditions.
i have been thinking a lot about the play that i am going to start writing this year with the help of one of my favorite college professors, Warren "Sir" Doody (the "Sir" is an inside joke, sorry to be so elitist).
i have been asked by my mentor, head of the theatre department at VUSC, and founder of American Coast Theater Co., Sue Berkompas, to play the lead in one of ACTC's summer 2012 plays, which just so happens to be written by Sir Doody himself (i'm a lucky gal these days).

all of that to say, i've been busy. 
i've put he calls me wifey on the back burner.
i got lazy.
i hope you all can understand.

but being busy wasn't the only thing keeping me away.
i've written drafts of the reason(s) why, but never had the nerve to hit publish.
maybe this season i will.
but not today.

so to hopefully kick start my blogging again, i have refurbished the place. 
i've spruced it up a bit to help me get back into the swing of things, to cease this drought.
i needed a fresh start.
i needed a new look.

i hope you like the new look of this space.
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