Tuesday, February 22, 2011

prayer and milkmaid braids

To all my believer readers (hey, that has a nice ring to it), I ask if you would please pray for my niece, Savanna, as she is having knee surgery as we speak. She has been playing basketball practically since she could walk, is a fantastic player and in her short 16 years has already had knee surgery and is now having the same surgery on her opposite knee. She loves the game dearly and never wants to give it up (and should not have to!).

So if you could send up some thoughts and prayers in her favor, it would not go unappreciated! <3

In other much less important news, I discovered yesterday that my hair is long enough to pull off the milkmaid braids. I was inspired by this post over at The doe or the deer (who was inspired by this post over at Sometimes Sweet) to re-create the same look. I'm really glad I tried it because it is now my new favorite hairstyle. It's easy and always cute.

Coincidentally, just as I had finished my braids, Kacie sent me a text with a picture of her braids. WEIRD!
We ended up hanging out for a few hours and sported our twinsie braids around town.

I still have updates from the weekend to get to, but in all seriousness, the sheets are calling my name to be changed and the toilet is screaming, "I need a cleaning."
Then off to the gym for a killer cardio workout with Lauren.
And then a post-surgery visit to Savanna.

You know, priorities and what not.

 {In Lauren's backseat}

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