Thursday, February 24, 2011

Slideshow #2

Last week I "premiered" my video slideshow for Ireland, which you can view here.

This week's premiere is from London, England which was the second country we visited on our 4 week long honeymoon.

If you like The Beatles, you might like this installment, although the video was only long enough to feature two songs. The first was an obvious choice for a honeymoon and the second was one of my favorites of their more upbeat songs.

I hope you all enjoy!

(It's not as long as last weeks video ;-D)

Again, please press play immediately followed by pause to allow the video to load a little before pressing play again.

Honeymoon in London from Andrea Carpenter-Heffernan on Vimeo.
Slideshow with music of my honeymoon in London with David.

Music by The Beatles
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