Thursday, March 17, 2011

can i please just leave some comments??

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Alright friends and fellow bloggers of whom I follow. There are, like, a bajillion posts that I want to comment on or reply to my own comments, but for some reason, Blogger is going through a mini-meltdown (or my gmail is)... or, ahem, I am... and I (for the most part) can't post comments.

Sooooo, to the following people just know this (in case you even read this): expect to get some comments soon. Possibly even be bombarded with them because I HAVE been reading your posts.

In no particular order:

Courtney (JustPlainJayne)
Kacie (twodowningsaday)
Rachel (No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane)
Diana (The Smith Circles)
Jess (thedoeorthedeer)
Danielle (sometimessweet)

...and a few others here and there.

So ladies, I'm sorry! As much as I value comments, I know each of you do as well :)
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