Monday, May 9, 2011

Dub Dub Weigh In

{Week One}

-2.2 lbs
Yesterday was my first week's weigh in back at Weight Watchers. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that I lost 2.2 my first week back, even though I was really disciplined. I tracked every bite and measured out every cup, 1/2 cup, ounce... you name it. But the reason I'm surprised is because I just figured I'd be happy with losing just one pound, or even half a pound, definitely not more than two, but hey, I will gladly take it!
A quick refresher on my current status: since I started WW officially back in 2006, I lost a total of 50 lbs from then to 2009. After my wedding and honeymoon about a year ago I gained back 20 lbs. Since then I lost about 8 lbs. When I started going back to the meetings last week I learned that I had gained back that 8 lbs I lost since my 20 lb weight gain. According to my WW tracker I have currently lost 32.2 lbs. 

My goal is to get back to my wedding weight of 140 lbs. I have 17.8 lbs to go! Make sense?
Again I would like to thank all of my family and friends (blogland and real life) who have supported me and my decision to be open and honest about my weight loss journey here on my blog. It's been really encouraging and has helped me not regret this decision at all. Hopefully you'll see less of me next week (geeeeeet iiiit??)!

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